Surviving Mischief Night

Every year on Mischief Night, rebellious youths and adults carry out random acts of vandalism. Unsuspecting people have no way of protecting their homes, yards and cars from these sometimes violent and destructive occurrences. Be sure to take preventative steps if you are concerned about your home, yard, or car being damaged by mischief night pranks.

Safeguarding your car and home can include parking your car in the garage, keeping the lights in the house turned on, and placing jack-o-lanterns and pumpkins inside windows instead of outside on the porch or sidewalk.

Common mischief night pranks include knocking and tapping on windows, smearing objects with white paint, covering doorknobs with syrup, smashing pumpkins on the street, draping trees, cars, and houses with toilet paper, and removing gates from their hinges just to name a few. Some of the most harmful effects of mischief night, however, happen to cars parked in driveways and on the street. Some of the more popular car pranks that occur on mischief night include egging, and spraying silly string.

Vandals have also been known to write with soap on car windows, throw produce, powder-bomb cars, and even use spray paint on car hoods and windows. Worst of all, your car could be broken into or even stolen Ė broken windows are also not uncommon. If your car is targeted, you could be faced with minor exterior damage (like dents and dings) or more permanent damage, which may not always be covered by insurance.

If you cannot keep your car in a garage, a great way to ensure your carís safety during this Halloween season is to protect it with a cover. Car covers are a great way to shield your car from outside harm. Not only do they protect against environmental factors such as rain, snow, ice, and sun, car covers protect against tough egg and soap, and silly string residue. It will also keep harmful spay paint off of your car. If your cover happens to be vandalized, you can easily wash it with mild soap. No matter which car cover you choose, you should also purchase a cable & lock kit. This will tie your cover down and secure it with a high strength plastic-coated steel cable and weatherproof lock.

Trick-or-treaters on the night of Halloween can also be a hazard to your car. With the increase of pedestrians on the street and sidewalks, and all those kids hopped up on sugar, your car could be in danger of damage. A car cover would give you the added protection you need. Our car covers are non-abrasive so if bicycles, balls, toys, or stray candy happen to come in contact with your car, you can rest assured that it would be protected.

During this season, environmental damage is also likely. As the leaves change in the fall, they can build up on your carís roof and result in exterior damage. And with the rapid weather change that occurs during the fall season, early morning frost is not uncommon. Covering your car will protect it against factors such as rain, dust, wind, snow, ice, and sun. As the weather gets cooler in the winter, protecting your car against these elements can increase the life of your exterior.

Not only is weather protection a huge advantage to owning a car cover, but your car is less likely to be stolen if it is under a car cover. Thieves will not want to waste time removing a cover that is secured with a cable & lock kit.

So while a pumpkin or two may be brutally murdered in front of your house, damage to your vehicle can be prevented. Purchase one of our high-quality car covers and secure it with a cable & lock kit. You will thank yourself later.